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Back pain

  1. Have you got a bad back?
  2. Does it prevent you from doing basic day to day things?
  3. Have you stopped doing activities you enjoy because of your pain, such as gardening, playing golf or picking up your children or grandchildren?
  4. Do you have trouble walking, sleeping, sitting or doing things that most of us take for granted?
  5. Have you had time off work due to the pain or are you thinking you need to give up your job because of a bad back?
  6. Is your back pain constant but you can put up with it or are you in total agony when your back goes and you can barely move?
  7. Is pain controlling your life?

There is hope! We are here to help you get your freedom back. On a daily basis we help many people with relief from their back pain and we could help you too. Don’t be afraid to come in and see us. We will find out what is wrong and what we can do to get you the relief you want. Relief may be sooner and easier than you realise.

When your back is hurting so much, it is easy to give up hope or think that you may have a serious disease. However, your pain is most likely coming from the spine. We help alleviate the stress on your spine thus helping your body to return to normal function, without any drugs. Some people feel great relief within a couple of sessions, others depending on how long or how severe their problems are can take much longer. Our goal is to get you relief as quickly as possible.

We listen to you, find out about your lifestyle and your goals and shape treatment around you. Our aim is to get you back to the activities you enjoy, whether this is gardening, golf, outdoor activities, hobbies or DIY. Once we have got you the relief you want, we can then help you on preventing the pain from coming back.

If you suffer from back pain and are sick and tired of pain controlling your life, take the first step towards recovery and get in touch with us today.

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