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Neck pain

  1. Is your neck sore?
  2. Does it hurt when you turn your head?
  3. Does your neck feel stiff and restricted?
  4. Does your neck creak when you move it?
  5. Do you have a headache?
  6. Is it sore in your shoulders?
  7. Do you have pins and needles in your arms or hands?

These are typical symptoms people complain about when they first come to see us. Quite often they are anxious because they think there is something seriously wrong or they are nervous about what we may find.

There is hope! We are friendly, informative and very experienced in helping people with neck pain. We have helped many people with relief from their pain and quite often sooner and better than they expected. If you are suffering with pain, do not feel afraid to contact us. We will help get you on the path to recovery and get you relief from your pain as we have done with so many before you.

Do you want your pain to go away? Why don’t you come in to see us so we can find out what is wrong and how we may be able to help you. Relief may be sooner than you realise! You can call us on 0151 707 8111 or send us an email.

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